Pediatric Dermatology

If your child is experiencing skin problems, seek the services of Dr. William Ketcham and staff at Azalea Skin Treatment Center.  Because children’s skin is different than that of adults, not all conditions appear the same as they do in grownups. Our office has the experience in pediatric dermatology to provide accurate diagnoses and treatment in ways that are appropriate for kids.

Dr. William S. Ketcham and his staff help children and their parents learn how to treat conditions such as eczema, birthmarks, warts and skin infections. Skin is the body’s largest organ, and problems with it should not be ignored. If you are concerned about something you see on your child’s skin, come in and see us. We can help.

Treating Acne to Improve Confidence

If you have a teen with acne and over-the-counter medicines aren’t working, come see us. It’s tough enough to navigate the world as a teenager without the added burden of being self-conscious about blemishes.

Acne isn’t caused by what your child eats or by not cleaning skin properly. It is caused by bacteria that can grow because of the rate at which the skin cells on your child’s skin fall, or slough, off. People with a slow rate of skin sloughing experience acne.

Even if your teenager doesn’t complain about the cysts, blackheads and whiteheads that come with acne, it doesn’t mean they don’t diminish confidence. Acne scars go more than skin deep. Pimples do not have to be an adolescent rite of passage.

Make an appoint to see Dr. Ketcham and learn about acne treatment options for mild to severe acne. They include antibiotics, topical and/or oral, and specific light treatments. Dr. Ketcham can recommend products, including cleansers that will help instead of aggravating the problem.

Compassionately Serving Kids And Families In The Clayton, Benson, Smithfield, Raleigh And Fuquay-Varina Areas

Don’t put off getting treatment for your child’s skin condition. If you live in Fuquay-Varina, Cary or Clayton, see the dermatologist at Azalea Skin Treatment Center by calling 919-772-3487.